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I'm fine, thanks for asking

Bibi cut his hand while spinning, he was bleeding, and all everyone could see was his crotch?
Tsk, tsk. For shame.

Anyway, he's fine; he got his hand all stitched up. He's happy with his free skate at Worlds and how he ended the season. And, he is looking forward to fighting for medals again next season.

JSYK, Joubert had the highest GOE for the quad at this year's Worlds. He earned 12.87 for the 4T in the free (Chan's was 11.59).

Article: Brian Joubert: I wanted to win a medal

Video (Russian TV)

galas that'll make you squee with heppinessCollapse )

207 - Brian at 18 and 19.

Hi. I don't mean to troll, but I wanted to post some of the Brian pix I have here. Hope no one minds! :[ wicyz can continue later if she likes!

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Sorry it wasn't what you guys expected; but it's the Lenten season, gotta keep it clean ;)

205: Grab that branch, it's sexy

SRSLY. What was the photographer thinking?

P.S. I know, it's my 4th consecutive post. I do not intend to hog the comm; I'm just doing my part in keeping things regular.


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